“A rock concert is in fact a rite involving the evocation and transmutation of energy. Rock stars may be compared to priests.” – William Burroughs

The first narrative feature from documentary director Peter Watkins (The War Game, Punishment Park), Privilege is a verité-style projection of the near-future 1970s, greatly influenced by direct cinema classic Lonely Boy. Starring Manfred Mann’s Paul Jones, the film projects a future where corporate commercialism, pop music, organized religion, and state-controlled nationalism come together to manipulate the minds of teeny-boppers. Featuring surreal TV commercials, a Franciscan Monk garage band, and a rock concert/political rally packed with kids chanting “we will conform,” Privilege is a surreal, chilling meeting of Triumph of the Will and Top of the Pops.

Dir. Peter Watkins, 1967, 35mm, 103 min.