Prince Rama's "Never Forever" (L.A. premiere!) + The Apple


“[L]ooks to be full of the campiest costumes and makeup and jewelry this side of ‘The Cremaster Cycle’.” — The Fader

Fresh from their gig at the FIGAt7th downtown festival, Paw Tracks recording artists Prince Rama join us to present the L.A. premiere of their brand-new extended music video Never Forever. Full of zombies, jacuzzis of blood, sci-fi disco, muscle men and exotic animals, director Lily X. Wahrman’s new work is one big hyper-dimensional pile of synthy, saturated crazy. Plus, after the premiere, it’s the one film that completes the most perfect double feature possible with Never Forever: the gaudy, futuristic rock musical The Apple. Set in “1994”, this absurd-o Biblical allegory concerns the perils of a young couple discovered by an all-powerful fascistic funk band’s Satanical manager, who exploits them for his own ungodly gain. If that already sounds like a hoot, toss into the mix gay henchmen, bad accents, chorus-girl fire squads, circus acts, disco odes to amphetamines, hippies, sequined jockstraps, kvetching yentas, clothed orgies, Carpenters rip-offs, flying Cadillacs and a jivin’ production number set in the depths of Hell — all brought to you by director Menahem Golan, also responsible for Over The Top and The Delta Force!
Never Forever Dir. Lily X. Wahrman, 2013, digital presentation, 15 min.
The Apple Dir. Menahem Golan, 1980, 35mm, 86 min.

Watch the trailer for the Prince Rama/”The Apple” double feature!