Primer (encore screening!)

“In one way, we have Abe1, Abe2(from Feb), and Abe2(from March) — perhaps it becomes easier to call Abe2(from Feb), Abe3. Recently, I started to refer to Abe3 as Abe2a, and Abe2(from March) as Abe2b. Thus Aaron2 in March is really Aaron2b. This is mind-numbing.” — The Primer Universe

Science fiction (the good kind, anyway) is based on a beautiful river of “what-ifs.” Here’s one: what if Robert Zemeckis had a degree in mathematics and was a former engineer? Would he have made a film like Primer, which treats time travel with total realism, hewing closely both to the physics behind it and the actual culture of technological advancement? Because that’s what, on a budget of only $7,000, director Shane Carruth did, as well as serving as writer, editor, star and composer as well. Dedicated to portraying scientific advancement the way it really happens — in the garages of engineers, after the formal work day is done — Primer didn’t just blow minds, it short-circuited them as they tried to follow the intricacy of its unprecedentedly accurate portrayal of the implications of what it would really be like to travel through time. Awarded the 2004 Sundance Grand Jury Prize, Primer has steadily built a devoted, if bewildered, cult following ever since.
Dir. Shane Carruth, 2004, 35mm, 77 min.

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