Post Tenebras Lux (6/8, 9:45pm)

Fiercely divisive at festival screenings worldwide, we’re proud to present the latest sensory missile from provocateur Carlos Reygadas (Japón, Battle In Heaven.) Detailing (in part) a well-to-do Mexican family’s journey into emotional and physical chaos, this is one of those theatrical experiences that’s as much fun to mentally crank afterwards, Rubik’s Cube-style, as it is to process while in the moment — bring a friend, and get prepared for some lively post-screening debate!

“Audacious, frustrating, beautiful, shocking, emotional, impossible, perhaps brilliant. It begins in a little girl’s dream, running around a muddy field full of animals at magic hour as the sky gets darker and more ominous — then, in reality (maybe), the devil shows up. Not some metaphorical devil, but a pointy-tailed, horned, red thing with a goat’s head carrying a tool box. It’s a film where a man is playing happily with his children one moment, and then five minutes later, beating up his dog in a blind rage, one which follows its central couple from a family gathering in Mexico to, almost immediately, a libertine sex spa in France. It’s also a movie which contains moments of extreme tenderness and innocence, including an awkward rendition of a Neil Young song which almost brought me to tears. [Making] The Tree of Life look like a children’s cartoon, it is not meant for the type of people that finish a movie and demand to know what it means — but to paraphrase a quote from Cassavetes’ Shadows: ‘If you feel it, you feel it’.” — Brian Clark, Twitch
Dir. Carlos Reygadas, 2012, digital presentation, 115 min.

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