Play Misty For Me (Kier-La Janisse in person!)

Hold onto your hats, as well as your shoes, socks and any other loose items of clothing that could potentially fly off your body, for the outrageous awesomeness of Clint Eastwood’s directorial debut Play Misty For Me packs the mighty punch of a Mack truck — one bundled out with an ultimate load of crazy. The potent antecedent to later stalker slashers like Fatal Attraction, this noir-ish potboiler transposed to the smooth Seventies confines of Carmel, CA centers on the lopsided obsessive relationship between Clint Eastwood as a Rod McKuen-esque jazz radio DJ/ladykiller, and Arrested Development’s Jessica Walter as a rapidly obsessive Clint Eastwood killer. In a fantastically juicy, shriek-laden, zero-to-six-thousand portrayal of total madness, Walter is easily one of the most bat-shit insane of all the Psychotic Women in this series, and her character’s hazy navigation of the era’s swingin’ sexual mores is a joy to behold. As well, Eastwood’s iconic tight-lipped gruffness makes his Don Juan the perfect victim, as he never diffuses each deadly situation by actually speaking his mind. A meticulous powderkeg with an unending well of fuzzy period detail, Play Misty For Me is a great time out at the movies. “House of Psychotic Women” author Kier-La Janisse in person!
Dir. Clint Eastwood, 1971, 35mm, 102 min.

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