Pierrot Le Fou

Co-presented by La Collectionneuse

“Tendre et cruel… réel et suréel… terrifiant et marrant…” drones the enigmatic Jean-Paul Belmondo, quoting lines from Jacques Prévert in one of Pierrot Le Fou’s many referential gestures. Jean-Luc Godard’s seductive and unwieldy early-career prismatic masterpiece—presented in a dazzling new restoration—is as beguiling a road film as ever.

Belmondo and Anna Karina are a delightfully foolhardy pair, as unpredictable and decadent as their getaway cars and the blue of the Mediterranean sea, as they flee Paris like a crime scene (and perhaps it is) to traipse around the French Riviera, in a narrative that plays alternately as comedy, drama, and sentimental love story, with a touch of an inscrutable energy most precisely articulated by Renata Adler as “gentle lunacy” (NYT). New 4K restoration by Rialto Pictures.

Dir. Jean-Luc Godard, 1965, DCP, 110 min.