Piccadilly (1929, starring Anna May Wong!)

“A ‘film noir’ before the term was in use, ‘Piccadilly’ is one of the true greats of British silent films, on a par with the best work of Anthony Asquith or Alfred Hitchcock in the period.”  - BFI

International superstar and fashion icon Anna May Wong lights up the Cinefamily screen in Piccadilly, her final silent role before the advent of the talkie.  This extravagant show biz spectacle — an opulent affair which quickly set itself apart from more staid British films of the era — features Wong as an alluring dance star, whose glamorous on-stage numbers captivate a suave club owner to the point of bodily distraction!  Frequently turned down for juicy starring roles in Hollywood’s silent era due to inherent attitudes against non-Caucasian actors, Wong traveled to Europe for starring turns in prestige pictures, of which Piccadilly ranks amongst the classiest.  Boasting awe-inspiring cinematography and atmospheric setpieces depicting a wide rainbow of both swanky and squalid London locales, this uptown Jazz Age mini-masterpiece is presented in a beautifully tinted blue-and-amber 35mm print!
Dir. E.A. Dupont, 1929, 35mm, 109 min.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Piccadilly”!