Pheromone Party! (feat. "The Naked Ape")

Co-presented by Dublab & Mastodon Mesa

TICKETS – $30 general admission, $25 LACMA Muse & Dublab members, $15 Cinefamily members. We are unfortunately not able to offer Cinefamily members free admission to this event.

To join us for this adventurous love-in, attendees must bring a white cotton T-shirt that has been slept in for 3 consecutive nights without washing (the T-shirt, not you. You can wash!) For full instructions, visit the Pheromone Party website!

Online dating. Speed dating. The ways we meet people nowadays can feel more like a job interview than falling in love, and none of it makes a very good story for the grandkids. That’s why artist Judith Pray’s Pheromone Party caught our eye. She’s taking it back to basics — the real basics: most animals choose their mates by the scent of special sexual chemicals called pheromones, and there’s evidence humans (subconsciously) may too. With the Pheromone Party, it’s all about a system of anonymous t-shirt sniffing (scientific advisor: Charles J. Wysocki, PhD. of the Monell Chemical Senses Center), and based on a famous experiment on odor and attraction, it will link you up with potential new lovers. Finally, a singles event with no bullshit, no mind games, no judgement, nothing but pure chemistry — and the best part is, anyone who doesn’t have a lot of confidence, a keen intellect, a strong sense of humor and a love for art and adventure — won’t be brave enough to come. After the Pheromone Party, join us for a 35mm screening of The Naked Ape, the groovy early-’70s softcore feature film produced by Playboy, and based on the wildly popular pop-zoology tome of the same name — plus, Dublab’s DJ Frosty will be here to spin tunes throughout the evening!
The Naked Ape Dir. Donald Driver, 1973, 35mm, 85 min.