Peeping Tom (introduced by Bette Gordon)

“I like to watch. I have always been fascinated by the cinema and the secretive voyeuristic pleasure I get from looking at people on the screen. Peeping Tom, a film about voyeurism, hit me like a bolt of lightening when I saw it in 1980 (20 years after its release). The film accentuates the very mechanisms of looking and the gender divide that separates the secret observer – male – from the object of his gaze – female. Peeping Tom was in my mind when I set out to make Variety, a film about a woman who looks back.”
- Bette Gordon

Effectively destroying Michael Powell’s career upon its release – and later heralded as a masterpiece – Peeping Tom is a proto-giallo, horror-thriller about a serial killer who loves to look. Taking voyeurism as its subject, the film is a psychological minefield, with a Freudian take on relationships between subject and objects, voyeur and victims. Introduced by Bette Gordon!

Dir. Michael Powell, 1960, DCP, 101 min.