PEEP SHOW: Grimm's Fairy Tales for Adults aka New Adventures of Snow White/The Hottest Show In Town

It’s 1969, and Grimm’s Fairy Tales for Adults aka New Adventures of Snow White takes us on a titillating, super-softcore psychedelic romp through enchanted forests with magic mushrooms, naked hippies and macabre, weirdo sexual fantasies. Snow White is a barely pubescent, long-haired beauty, and the seven dwarves revive her after she eats the poison apple with application of paint, lotions and what looks like peanut butter rubbed into her breasts. And only in the late 60s could you have a porno with just one sex scene—between an ugly maiden under a curse and a grizzly bear. The Hottest Show In Town is 1973 Euro porn as the sexual revolution comes to the circus—with a nude trapeze artist, bare-breasted magicians assistants, and a clown with a trick penis. But of course, the hottest acts happen backstage. Expect intercourse within three minutes of the opening and our first orgasm three minutes later, after which subtitles for the French dialogue are no longer required. Scored by Danish composer Ole Holyer, whose credits include classics such as Girls at Sea and Between The Sheets, and he’s not afraid to use his flute.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales for Adults: Dir. Rolf Thiele, 1970, 35mm, 76 min.
The Hottest Show In Town: Dirs. Eberhardt Kronhausen and Phyllis Kronhausen, 1974, 35mm, 76 min.

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