PEEP SHOW: Miss Nude America/Sex and the Animals

Filmed throughout 1975 in “Naked City,” the former nudist colony in Roselawn, Indiana, Miss Nude America is the invention of the charismatic Dick Drost, a physically-disabled love child of sixties communal idealism and Hugh Hefner’s intrepid entrepreneurial spirit. Part blue collar beauty pageant, part Midwestern Esalen, it’s a psychedelic sexual revolution time capsule that has been shockingly rarely screened since its release in 1976. The heart of the film is a rich character study, a riveting portrait of a supremely odd character, in that brief, wild time when sexual liberation took hold of America, seeping deep into the backwaters of the Midwest. Afterwards, we leave no stone unturned with Sex and the Animals, a remarkable film oddity from 1969, probably made by horny biologists on LSD, which explores the elaborate sex rituals and mating habits of beasts, fungi, fish, and other furry friends, narrated with scientific cool and a varied soundtrack from fanciful Disneyesque symphonics to Ravi Shankar.

35mm print for Sex and the Animals provided by The American Genre Film Archive.

Miss Nude America: Dir. James P. Blake, 1976, 35mm, 82 min.
Sex and the Animals: Dir. Harold Hoffman aka Hal Dwain, 1969, 35mm, 96 min.

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