PEEP SHOW: Johnny Minotaur

“Shot during a sojourn on Crete, Johnny Minotaur revives the Minotaur myth in modern times. Like his poetry the film is frank, American, homoerotic, mystically giddy and somewhat undervalued. The thin plot involves a middle-aged expatriate living in Crete, the pliancy of local youth, and a grasping niece who appears to threaten the dully domestic bliss…..
Surrealist poet and artist Charles Henri Ford’s 1971 film, Johnny Minotaur is a lyrical explosion of taboos: incest, intergenerational desire, pansexuality and autoeroticism are a few of the issues he grapples with through mythopoeic, sensual imagery, recitations of his diaries and a philosophical debate featuring an impressive narration by such artists as Salvador Dali, Allen Ginsberg, Warren Sonbert, Dan Basen and Lynne Tillman. Unseen for over two decades, The Film-Makers’ Cooperative & MOMA has restored Johnny Minotaur and resuscitated this classic of forgotten, queer cinema that belongs alongside the films of Kenneth Anger, Derek Jarman and Jean Genet.”

-Guy Trebay, Village Voice

Dir. Charles Henri Ford, 1971, 16mm, 80 min.