PEEP SHOW: Dracula Sucks

Stars Serena and Bill Margold and Producer Darryl Marshak in person! Featuring neck-sucking, nymphomania and lots of nasty, late ‘70s-style naughtiness, the Marshaks vampiric fantasy is hard-core horror porn, a rambling take on the classic story with the welcome addition of the sort of natural, soft naked bodies you had before boob-jobs, aerobics, and shaved chachas forever altered porn. The narrative riffs off Bram Stoker’s original, following Renfield to Transylvania and into the clutches of The Count as the usual suspects make an appearance: Mina and Jonathan Harker, the crazed doctor, a bevy of lovely ladies in the loony bin, etc. To the already sensual trappings of vampirism (nubile young women preyed upon by a dude in a cape who gives what might be dubbed the ultimate hickey) Dracula Sucks adds everything from classic screwing to pervy watersports. This is fun stuff to push to the limits of good/bad taste and The Marshaks and their actors, including prolific porn pioneer John Holmes and 70s sex stalwarts like Jamie Gillis, Serena and Seka, have a real good time getting it on, all with tongues firmly in cheek…and in other dark, wet places as well.

Dir. Phillip Marshak, 1978, DCP, 95min.