Peaches Does Herself (Peaches in person!)

“The taboos [Peaches] celebrates and subverts onstage make for funny, frank, full-frontal entertainment. Rewriting her musical journey from one-woman vagina monologue to pansexual pussy riot, ‘Peaches Does Herself’ is a real labia of love.” — The Hollywood Reporter

Described as an “anti-jukebox musical with a sex change”, Peaches Does Herself is the directorial debut of performer/musician Peaches, and documents the mythical history of this pioneering pomosexual powerhouse through her electro-rock opera stage show staged in Berlin during 2010/11. The film follows our heroine through her journey from bedroom wannabe to glittering rockstar; on the advice of a 65-year-old stripper, Peaches makes music that’s sexually forthright, becomes world-famous, swaps her gender, experiences crushing heartbreak at the hands of a beautiful shemale, and must discover deep-down just what she really is. Through a selection of songs from Peaches’ four official albums (re-interpreted by the grand dirty dame herself), plus a wild buffet of oversized props, costumes and attitude, Peaches Does Herself is a true carnival of carnal excess. Schedule permitting, Peaches will be here in person for a Q&A after the film!
Dir. Peaches, 2012, digital presentation, 80 min.

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