Passion may be the worst received film of Brian De Palma’s career — he’s clearly not a player in the American cinematic landscape anymore — but we thought it was a terrific hoot. It’s for any fan that misses the cartoonish fever dreams of sex and violence he concocted back in the ‘80s and ‘90s (think Raising Cain and Body Double), films with complicated plots that don’t weave together seamlessly, but rather melt together into sticky thematic messes — with characters that are morasses of madness and Freudian freakouts, and with cinematic setpieces that erupt with all the subtlety of money shots. Passion may not be as shining as those vintage De Palma fever dreams: there’s a general out-of-touchness that would be touching if De Palma wasn’t such a misanthrope, and a lack of concern for actors’ performances — the kind that always somewhat ran throughout his career — that here has reached near-catastrophic proportion. But for those of us who loved all those crazy flicks, and waited/waded through Redacted and Black Dahlia, it’s nice to see our favorite movie maniac back in action.
Dir. Brian De Palma, 2012, DCP, 102 min.

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