Paradise: Love (encore screening!)

Revisit the outstanding beginning to Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise Trilogy!  His most ambitious project to date, the Trilogy is a transcontinental trio diving into the pains of sexual, religious and youthful disillusion — all shedding light on female protagonists that, in Seidl’s words, are thought to have “low value on the sexual marketplace.”  Paradise: Love follows a frumpy middle-aged mom as she vacations across Kenya as an earnest sex-tourist, yearning for an emotional connection that’s eluded her for a lifetime.  As she piles up third-world prostitution partners — the dynamics of which she can’t seem to reverse despite her best efforts — the implications of her exploits manifest in gripping, touching and often hilarious displays of vulnerability.  Shot in Seidl’s trademark visually symmetrical style, Paradise: Love finds beauty in the repellent, pain in our shared pursuit of satisfaction, and an undeniable heart at the core of humanity.
Dir. Ulrich Seidl, 2013, DCP, 120 min.

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