Palindromes (Encore!)

Nine years after Dollhouse, Solondz presents another tragic family photo in the daisy-chained, elliptical narrative of Palindromes, another grimly empathetic depiction of the adolescent experience as only Solondz can provide. After Dawn is unexpectedly ripped from our lives, her cousin Aviva takes her place, bearing a different set of societal burdens as she embarks on a warped form of Dawn’s teenage wish fulfillment. In a daring experiment, Solondz casts eight actors of varying ages & genders to portray Aviva, allowing each body to absorb and pass on the stinging of mistakes made too young, and the harsh yet human consequences of experimental behavior.

Dir. Todd Solondz, 2004, 35mm (Print Courtesy of the UCLA Film Archive), 100 min.

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