Once Upon A Time In America (7/5)

“Seen today, this rise-and-fall chronicle will make you nostalgic — for an era when giants walked the earth and made excessive epics with scope, substance and a true sense of cinematic grandeur, once upon a time.” — Time Out New York

“Killers burst into a puppet theater looking for Robert De Niro, who’s actually zoning out in a Chinatown opium den — and a phone starts ringing — bullet-ridden corpses are laid out on a rain-splashed street, De Niro slinks out of a speakeasy to make a call — the phone keeps ringing — and as a hand reaches out to pick up a receiver, the ringing suddenly stops. That’s just the opening of Sergio Leone’s gangster epic with De Niro and James Woods: growing up poor, bootlegging in the ‘30s, and De Niro decades later, heavy with regret, intercut via flashbacks and flash-forwards — or is it all just an opium dream? Famously shorn of 90 minutes upon its original U.S. release, this is one of the most complex works of popular (or any other) cinema, yet Leone’s hypnotic style and lavish production values make it a puzzle that’s got to be solved.” – Film Forum. DCP restoration of European cut!
Dir. Sergio Leone, 1984, DCP, 227 min.

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