Omar (with actor Waleed Zuaiter in person!)

Presented in conjunction with The Seventh Art Stand

Equal parts Shakespearean tragedy, romantic drama, and 70s paranoid thriller (think the darkest moments in Absence of Malice meet The Conversation with an undercurrent of Romeo and Juliet), this first-ever Palestinian nominee for the Best Foreign Language Oscar situates a universal story of love and struggle within the war-torn labyrinth of Israeli-occupied territory for a masterful exploration of trust – and, when that trust shatters, what drives us to seek revenge. The 440-mile long Israeli West Bank barrier stands as a physical metaphor for conflict in Abu-Assad’s undisputed masterpiece, beginning with the titular Omar defiantly unfettered as he scales the 26-foot tall obstacle fueled by the jetpack of his young, requited adoration for high school student Nadia – and concluding with the political, regional, and religious weight of a region and a new generation reminded of their place within a world much larger than themselves.

Dir. Hany Abu-Assad, 2013, DCP, 96 min.

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