OFFSITE @ REGENT THEATER: On A Very Special Episode...

Co-presented by Alamo Drafthouse L.A.
Regent Theater: 448 S. Main Street, 90013


It’s an all-too-familiar sitcom memory: the commercial fades up, you hear a somber piano line, and the announcer says “On a very special episode of…” Throughout the ‘80s-‘90s, many of our favorite comedies were defined by unexpected hard turns into melodrama: drugs, violence, abandonment, UFOs and other real-life darkness. These episodes were often loaded with lip service to the “cause of the week” — but in rare moments when the TV gods intervened, we were gifted with some truly amazing, unpredictable and unforgettable stuff. Come see our curated video buffet overflowing with the finest examples of when a “very special episode” gets waaaaaaay too special, with psychedelic dream sequences, death scenes, abrupt stretches played uncomfortably straight, and more! Some of it’s awkwardly hilarious, some of it’s too weird for words — and all of it’s impossible to unsee.

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