Off-site @ the Bob Baker Marionette Theater: Pippi In the South Seas

Hosted by DJ Lance Rock of Yo Gabba Gabba! With marionette opening act!
This event is OFFSITE at the BOB BAKER MARIONETTE THEATER, it’s NOT at the Silent Movie Theatre

She’s been hiding for years, but she hasn’t forgotten about you. Once an inspiration to adventurous kids across the globe, and once a staple of local weekend television (KTLA Channel 5, you old devil), Pippi Longstocking was the redhead on the move. She lived at Villa Villekulla with her horse and monkey — but she was a citizen of the world, deftly guiding the hands of her neighbors Tommy and Annika through the shining prism of a fearless childhood.

Spun from the brilliant mind of author Astrid Lindgren and immortalized onscreen by the eternally cute Inger Nilsson, Pippi continues to bring a kaleidoscope of joy to our collective heart, no matter what ages we might be. Once she’s with you, she’s with you always — and this ultra-rare 16mm presentation of PIPPI IN THE SOUTH SEAS (1970) gives Los Angeles a chance to relive the magic of this heart-soaring, nonconformist creation.

Dir. Olle Hellbom, 1970, 16mm, 86 min.