An evening of Sasquatch cinema and a talk with noted Bigfoot researcher and habituation specialist Matthew “Dr. J” Johnson!

Presented by Jodi Wille, Director of The Source Family

In the 1970s, Bigfoot went on a pop-culture rampage, capturing the imaginations of millions, spawning an entire sub-genre of monster-in-nature movies and even guest-starring on popular TV shows. While skeptics and hardline scientists continue to deny Bigfoot could be anything more than a myth, others—including respected citizens and nearly every Pacific Northwest Native American tribe, whose oral histories of Bigfoot encounters go back centuries—present compelling cases that the Sasquatch are real. Tonight, we creep through the forest together with a special Cinefamily mixtape unearthing the glories of golden-age Sasquatch cinema and a rare presentation from the “Dr. J” of Bigfoot—Dr. Matthew A. Johnson.

Dr. J stands 6’9” tall and is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and author of Positive Parenting with a Plan. He has trained thousands of mental health professionals and parents and has spoken at the World Family Therapy Conference. In 2000, Dr. Johnson’s family encountered a Bigfoot on the mountain above the Oregon Caves National Monument Park. He’s been researching the Bigfoot phenomena ever since, leading to his eventual habituation with a local Bigfoot family. Get ready for surprise guests and a plethora of evidence including foot casts, video testimony, and a three foot-long Bigfoot turd!