NYC, Hell 3:00am (w/ live score by James Ferraro!)

It’s our pleasure to welcome back one of electronic music’s most exciting “avant-OMGarde provocateurs”: James Ferraro. At last year’s Cinefamily Halloween Party, his live score to the ‘80s horror oddity Boardinghouse made us fall in love with his lo-fi, VHS-inspired nightmarish soundscapes. True to his mission of always mixing it up, and heading out in uncharted directions, James’ new multimedia project NYC, Hell 3:00am proves to be his darkest and most mysterious yet. James sez: “This record is about my demons just as much as society’s demons. My environment/location, samples from 9/11 news coverage, surveillance camera audio, TV ads and other sources are arranged together to create a surreal psychological sculpture of American decay and confusion — a map of New York’s nihilism and self-referential hedonism. It’s a statement about my emotional Hell, and my surroundings: rats, metal landscape, toxic water, junkie friends, HIV billboards, evil news, luxury and boundless wealth, insane police presence, lonely people, all against the sinister vastness of Manhattan’s alienating skyline.” Join us as we breathe in James’ live synth manipulations, which form the heart of this immersive A/V experience.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “NYC, Hell 3:00am”!