Noriko's Dinner Table

Sion Sono’s classic 2001 J-Horror freak-out Suicide Club is best remembered for showing — in Kool-Aid red — exactly what fifty-four Japanese school girls would look like if they all jumped at once in front of an express train. In typical unpredictable Sono fashion, 2005’s Noriko’s Dinner Table is less of a Suicide Club sequel, in favor of a teen drama set in the same insane dysfunctional universe, and with a much more somber and pensive tone. The film focuses on teen sisters Noriko and Yuka, and their fervent desire to escape from their overprotective father. Symbolized by a loose thread that needs to be yanked free, Noriko finds her escape hatch through an Internet chat room, which leads to a new life and identity with the mysterious Kumiko and her eerie “rent-a-family” business — in which the three girls create a constantly morphing family unit, ready to role play to their customer’s needs. A spiritual and stylistic cousin of Sono’s masterpiece Love Exposure, Noriko’s Dinner Table states in emo tones that life’s a bitch, but yes, you can choose your family. Schedule permitting, Sion Sono will be here to introduce the screening!
Dir. Sion Sono, 2005, 159 min.

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