Ninja Annihilation War

God knows the ’80s weren’t perfect. It was the decade of rising budget deficits, illegal U.S. intervention in Central America, and Duran Duran — but it was also the Decade of the Ninja. While the black-garbed messengers of death have appeared in films for ages, they were usually hiding behind ornamental potted palm trees, or clinging to the ceiling; it took a sharp eye to spot them. That is, until martial arts movie mavericks The Fung (pronounced ‘Fang’) Brothers extracted as many ninjas as possible from the video store shelves and late night cable-TV stations of America, and flung them into one steaming VHS pile a.k.a. Ninja Annihilation War!!! This relentless multi-thousand dollar cut-and-paste spectacle stars whatever Caucasian dudes happened to be in Hong Kong at the time, and combines scenes from unrelated films into a dense fabric of digressions, flashbacks, minor-character subplots that go on at baffling length, and — of course — demonstrations of pole-spinning, star-hurling, life-terminating prowess. We bring you this extremely rare screening of a lost ninja masterpiece never released in theaters OR home video, so bring ten friends (or a thousand strangers) and TEAR THE NIGHT TO SHREDS!! Our screening of Ninja Annihilation War will be introduced by Fung Brothers scholar Zack Carlson (of Austin, TX’s Alamo Drafthouse!)
Dir. The Fung Brothers, 198?, digital presentation, 81 min.

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