SPECTREFEST: "Nightbreed": Director's Cut + Clive Barker pop-up gallery exhibit (10/20)

Doors at 7:00pm, so that you can experience the full power of our Clive Barker pop-up gallery exhibit on the back patio. Plus, we’ll open the patio after the film as well, for more gallery viewing time. As well, “Director’s Cut” producer Mark Miller & editor Andrew Furtado will both be in person for a Q&A!

The brand-new Blu-Ray release of NIGHTBREED: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT (via our good friends at Scream Factory) hits the streets on October 28th. Pre-order your copy today!

Following Hellraiser, Clive Barker sought to create an even more outré, expansive universe full of mad creatures, swirling visuals and freaky-deaky sensuality, all based on his 1988 novel “Cabal.” The result: Nightbreed, one of the Nineties’ most unusual works of horror cinema, which asks the question: in the battle of Man vs. Monster — who’s really the monster? Craig Sheffer is the brooding punk who may or may not have committed a string of murders, and who crosses the forbidden subterranean threshold of Midan: the realm of an infinite number of shape-shifting beings. Did we mention that David Cronenberg plays his therapist in a deliciously perverse, scene-stealing performance? Hijinx and an onslaught of good old-fashioned latex creature make-ups ensue; the results are unhinged, dizzying and never, ever dull. In its original 1990 release, Barker’s vision was severely slashed, with whole subplots, characters and a musical number(!) removed. For the very first time in 25 years, you can now experience the director’s cut, with over 40 minutes of new footage in a reconstruction personally supervised by Clive.
Dir. Clive Barker, 1990/2014, digital presentation, 120 min.

Watch the trailer for “Nightbreed”!
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