Night of the Creeps (with director Fred Dekker in person)

Director’s cut!

Though it was overlooked during the busy summer movie schedule of 1986, Fred Dekker’s Night of the Creeps has gone on to become a quintessential cult classic. A loving homage to the B movies of the 1950s, Dekker’s winningly gruesome horror comedy mashes up elements of atomic age sci-fi, Romero zombies, slashers, and 80s teen comedy, magically landing on a recipe for pure fun. Leads Jason Lively and Steve Marshall have a great rapport as best buds dealing with a campus infested with space slug-controlled zombie schoolmates, with B movie leading man Tom Atkins bringing the funny as the quipping alcoholic detective who finds himself caught up in the madness, leading to some of the film’s irresistibly quotable lines. A perfect summer movie, Night of the Creeps has proved highly influential, inspiring James Gunn’s pre-Guardians of the Galaxy creepfest, Slither. The good news is that we’re throwing a rare screening of the director’s cut with special guests… the bad news is that they’re dead!

Dir. Fred Dekker, 1986, DCP, 88 min.

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