Next Stop, Greenwich Village (archival 35mm print!)

As much an autobiography as it is a dose of good-natured ribbing on his own generation’s foibles (in much the same manner as Girls functions for Lena Dunham), Paul Mazursky’s Next Stop, Greenwich Village is a warm-hearted, incisive look at the pitfalls of young love in the incredible milieu of New York City in the mid-’50s. Before the modern folkie scene took root in the East Village, it was still the coolest place in town, brimming with an epic counterculture and a gaggle of aspiring artists of all kinds — and it’s here that Mazursky conducts his bittersweet remembrance, as wannabe actor Larry Lapinsky (the late Lenny Baker) seeks fame, fortune and refuge from his overbearing Jewish mother (Shelley Winters.) The supporting cast for this gauzy, breezy comedic jaunt is astounding: Christopher Walken, Jeff Goldblum, Little Shop of Horrors’ Ellen Greene, and even blaxploitation legend Antonio Fargas (Car Wash, Foxy Brown.)
Dir. Paul Mazursky, 1976, 35mm, 111 min. (Print courtesy of Fox Archive)

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