New Year's Evil

Blaze Sullivan is having a doozy of a stressful New Year’s Eve: the hip punk rock TV show she hosts, “Hollywood Hotline,” is doing a live broadcast; her son is whacked out of his gourd on drugs; and, a creepazoid ID’ing himself only as “Evil” keeps calling into her show to inform her that he’s killing “naughty girls” at midnight for each of the four time zones! Unique to the post-Halloween slasher boom in that it utilizes neither the Ten Little Indians unseen-killer gimmick nor the masked monster approach, New Year’s Evil is a perfect example of the ‘80s holiday-centric horror film. As well, Kip Niven gives a memorable performance as our handsome Ted Bundy-esque psychopath, Roz Kelly (“Pinky Tuscadero” from Happy Days) is our bizarre elder heroine, and the film’s portrayal of the “badass” punk scene is a hoot! To quote the punk-in-film encyclopedia “Destroy All Movies”: “If [all] that doesn’t sound like a goddamn masterpiece to you, then what are you living for?”
Dir. Emmett Alston, 1980, 35mm, 90 min.

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