HEAVY MIDNITES presents Neon Slime Triple Feature (feat. "Angel" & "Vice Squad")

Prepare for a summer scorcher as we flash back to the glittering highs and grimy lows of 1980s Hollywood. Relive the dark underbelly and white hot neon of the star-lined streets with films that dared show the world our real city, before $20 cocktails and Disney-fied developers dimmed the lights and cleaned the streets. Overflowing with lurid thrills, this is sleazoid excitement at its zenith: a hazy world of hookers, flesh, fame, fashion and boulevard nights.

ANGEL — 8:00pm
An ingenious high concept that launched a franchise and brought exploitation fanatics to their knees: Angel is a high school honor student by day, and a high-class Hollywood hooker by night. Walking the boulevard under the watchful eye of her fellow working girls, she studies hard, gets good grades and picks up safe tricks — but when local ladies of the night are picked off one by one, Angel sets off on a personal quest for vengeance. Angel is bursting with vintage gold: bikers, drag queens, punks & performers line the streets while Return of the Jedi splashes carefree across marquees. Plus, it’s stacked with the most colorful cast a low budget filmmaker could ever dream: television stars Donna Wilkes and Cliff Gorman, Cinefamily fave Susan Tyrrell, screen legend Rory Calhoun and incendiary nightclub comedian Dick Shawn!
Dir. Robert Vincent O’Neill, 1984, 35mm, 94 min.

VICE SQUAD — approx. 10:00pm
“You may think you’ve heard of every sickness and perversion movies like to titter about but there are quite a few in ‘Vice Squad’ you’ve never dreamed possible!” –- Rex Reed.

If you watch only one movie about a killer pimp in your life, Vice Squad is THE ONE: a full-barreled, maximum-potential excitement launcher to the brain, the film that was always missing from your life and the one you always hoped to find. Wings Hauser burst onto the exploitation landscape with his intense, take-no-prisoners role as the ultra-psychotic, cowboy-shirted Ramrod. He’s absolutely fucking incredible here — but not only does he give the performance of a lifetime, he also sings the film’s vicious theme song “Neon Slime.” Helmed by veteran Gary Sherman (Dead & Buried, Poltergeist III) and lensed by the legendary John Alcott (The Shining, Barry Lyndon), Vice Squad is a descent into Hollywood hell — a sociological expedition into the dark, buried heart of the city. On the street, the real trick is staying alive.
Dir. Gary Sherman, 1982, 35mm, 97 min.

mystery 3rd feature – approx. midnight
Stick around for a 3rd feature film TBA!