Neil Strauss presents Bitter Moon

Roman Polanski’s Bitter Moon—one of the great mercurial romances—retells a lurid mess of a love affair, chronicling as meet-cute turns from rapturous romance to cruel sadomasochistic games and twisted revenge plots—in short, the perfect cinematic companion to the work of Neil Strauss, journalist, reformed Lothario, and author of the notorious 2005 pick-up artists’ manual, The Game. On the occasion of the publication of Strauss’ new book The Truth, a chronicle of his new and vulnerable approach to love, Strauss will join us for a discussion of romantic relationships and Bitter Moon, one of his all-time favorite relationship movies.

On board a cruise ship to India, Oscar, a wheelchair-bound failed American author and our narrator, accosts Nigel, a stereotypically restrained Englishman, intent on regaling him with stories of his tumultuous relationship with his stunning and enigmatic French wife Mimi (played by Polanski’s wife, Emmanuelle Seigner). With portions playing like soft-core porn and melodrama, Polanski takes clichés to their extremes. Maybe Oscar wants company, maybe he wants to exhibit his excessive and clichéd purple prose, or maybe it’s all a game. You might never be quite sure, but either way Bitter Moon is indulgent, gaudy, playful, darkly comic, sexy, and tongue-in-cheek as hell.

Following the film, Neil Strauss will sign copies of The Truth on the patio!

Dir. Roman Polanski, 1992, Digital Presentation, 139 min.