NEIGHBORHOOD & MEMBERS POTLUCK: Charlie Chaplin in "Modern Times" (free admission!)

NOTE: This event is open only to residents of the 90036 and 90048 area codes, and to current Cinefamily members. As well, it kicks off with a potluck lunch; things like bags of chips and drinks are not encouraged — please bring a dish. Impress us!

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If you live in the Fairfax area, chances are you’ve passed by, looked at the exterior of the historic Silent Movie Theatre, and wondered what was going on inside. Well, the Cinefamily’s made its home here, with a dual mission: to show great movies, and to also build community. So it’s high time we invited some of you folks from the neighborhood to come on down and meet not just us, but each other! Join us for a little meet-and-greet potluck on our beautiful Spanish backyard patio, followed by a free 35mm screening of Chaplin’s ’30s classic Modern Times.
Modern Times Dir. Charles Chaplin, 1936, 35mm, 87 min.

Watch the trailer for “Modern Times”!
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