Mystery Meat

From Cinefamily’s very beginnings, one of our greatest loves has been the joy of discovery — the extreme curio factor — the “what the hell am I watching?!” feeling that envelops us like a cocoon whenever we stumble across celluloid of unknown artistic origins. Running Cinefamily brings a game of limitations, though — in particular, what we’re doing is intended for an “audience.” But what about the films made for no one? The ones we want to show “just because”? And what about the ones we’ve never even seen ourselves, but sound so out-there that we simply must screen them, just to find out – films too difficult to parse from their flaws, too confusing, too challenging, or just too damn strange. It’s all part of the fun.

We don’t promise these films will be “good.” We offer them with no explanations, no justifications, no apologies, and no refunds. And we won’t even tell you what they are. Welcome to Mystery Meat.

Warning: These screenings are not for civilians.