My Neighbor Totoro (dubbed) 5/26

Director Hayao Miyazaki’s most biographical and affectionate creation, My Neighbor Totoro has given rise to the most recognized, reproduced and well-loved monsters in Studio Ghibli’s canon. Evocative and immaculately designed, the sweet compelling quality of this film remains undiminished by exposure. Here, we enter a modern, yet nostalgic world of rice paddies, adorably thrill-thirsty young gals (Satsuki & Mei), and the majestic reverence of nature we have come to recognize from this animation giant. But within this tranquil realm there lies a dormant mythical creature so huge, so powerful and so terrifyingly cute that one can only squeal with glee at the sight of him, jumping instantly onto his big fluffy belly. Unforgettably iconic interactions with fabled floating “soot sprites”, a giant multi-legged cat-bus and the cuddly king of the forest himself, make this classic animation treasure too gorgeous to miss. Our May 26th presentation of My Neighbor Totoro is presented with an English-dubbed audio track.
Dir. Hayao Miyazaki, 1988, 35mm, 86 min.