My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (filmmaker Liv Corfixen & Nic Refn in person!)

Liv Corfixen, Nic Refn & composer Cliff Martinez in person! An impossibly personal portrait of unique genre-bender filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, the Pusher trilogy) over the course of the shooting/release of his 2013 film Only God Forgives. Much like the equally intimate and emotionally explosive Hearts of Darkness (filmed by Francis Coppola’s wife Eleanor during the making of Apocalypse Now), here Refn’s own deep conflict is swinging in the breeze as we witness him wrestle with OGF’s particularly challenging production, as captured by the camera of his wife Liv Corfixen. Given Liv’s relationship, My Life… documents some very private moments to which a traditional doc crew simply wouldn’t have access. The result is a fascinating, detailed look at a creative genius at work, and also a portrait of a director torn between the general public’s desire for a Drive 2 and his own mission to explore more challenging narrative territory. Acclaimed composer/ regular Refn collaborator Cliff Martinez composed the doc’s original score.
Dir. Liv Corfixen, 2014, DCP, 58 min.

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