Mur Murs + Stations of the Elevated

Mur Murs is Agnès Varda’s love letter to our city’s ephemeral, idiosyncratic and startling street murals that give freeways, airports, and other communal spaces unexpected vibrancy and life. Shot simultaneously in Los Angeles alongside Varda’s 1981 fiction film Documenteur (in which her protagonist wanders some of the streets containing these same artworks), Mur Murs not only captures the good, the bad and the sublime in the realm of our public canvases, but also lets the artists speak for themselves in interludes that show off enough local color to please even the most jaded Angeleno. Mur Murs lovingly lingers on the mural images in a prescient way that suggests Varda knows full well how fleeting the works can be; in a city like L.A., where practically no building or coat of paint stands for too long, these images are one of the few documents of mural styles rarely practiced today. Playing after the intermission is Stations of the Elevated, a wordless tone poem by German filmmaker Manfred Kirchheimer on the breathtaking tagging found on highly elevated trains creakin’ on by in ‘80s NYC. Featuring music by Charles Mingus!

Mur Murs Dir. Agnès Varda, 1981, digital presentation, 80 min.

Stations of the Elevated Dir. Manfred Kirchheimer, 1981, digital presentation, 46 min.

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