MULTI CULT is a ritual variety show hosted and curated by Lyra Hill. MULTI CULT celebrates diversity of experience and difference of opinion as the true path to enlightenment. MULTI CULT makes up and breaks down spiritual experiences with rigor and spectacle. MULTI CULT grins and bears the truth. MUTLI CULT is sweet too.

This edition of MULTI CULT will explore: an animated Nigerian space station; sacred clowning; cartoon sunsets; participatory physical academia; revelatory storytelling; self-aware paranoia; a ghost meter; a sermon; live musical accompaniment by Tyson Thurston and live visual accompaniment by Jason Ogawa.

Adebukola Buki Bodunrin & Ezra Claytan Daniels / Ruji “Stargatekeeper” Chapnik / hollis j. hart / Lyra Hill / Jason Ogawa / Vanja Smiljanic / Tyson Thurston / Sasha Tracy / Dav Yendler

LYRA HILL is a filmmaker, cartoonist, performer, educator, radio host, and radical priestess. From 2011-2014 she hosted and organized BRAIN FRAME, the legendary underground performative-comix reading series. She has screened, published, and performed in Canada, Mexico, Scotland, England, Australia, Greece and across the US. In 2016 NewCity Magazine called her Chicago’s “Best Urban Ritualist.” She lives in Los Angeles.