Moving Images of Bob Baker in Television and Film & a Cinematastic Breakfast! (Off-site at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater)

Cinefamily presents a selection of clips curated by stop-motion animation powerhouse Screen Novelties, featuring Bob Baker’s legendary work in television and film! Take a seat in our theater in the round as the Bob Baker Marionettes re-enact and re-stage classic clips from film and television, with a side-by-side screening! The morning’s selections are hand-picked from amongst a series of puppet PSA’s from the 1980’s, Bob’s work on Bewitched, Escape from Witch Mountain, The Wild Wild West and Villa Alegre, and even a behind-the-scenes tour from The Popeye Show host Tom Hatten, through the glory of the Bob Baker Marionette Theater in the 1970s. Get your puppet on with never before seen 16mm footage of Bob in his workshop, and celebrate the deep and storied history of Bob Baker’s marionettes in film, television, and the hearts of millions. The screening and performance will be preceded by a delightful breakfast at 10am in the Theater’s historic Party Room– a way to start the morning off right!