A film noir mother-lode for the ages! Recently remade for HBO by Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven), this 1945 Joan Crawford classic contains a number of sharp familial themes that still ring true today. “The strain on a family during the Great Depression, a working single mother, an entitled and rebellious teenager, and a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit and vision — it’s for these reasons that HBO thought it perfect to bring back. We also have many actors at their peak here, with most nominated for Oscars, including Ann Blyth (Veda, the spoiled daughter) and the wonderful Eve Arden (Mildred’s best friend Ida). But it was Crawford who won Best Actress, strong yet vulnerable in the role — and she’s so good that there are actually moments you may forget you’re watching Joan Crawford. What impresses me most, though, are her close ups — the perfect bone structure of her face and the emotion that she’s able to bring to her big blue eyes. See if they don’t draw you into all the drama of Mildred Pierce.” — Kimberly Truhler, Glamamor
Dir. Michael Curtiz, 1945, 35mm, 111 min.

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