Mondo Wizard Battles (feat. Devil Fetus!)

See the ultimate video-mixed martial arts showdown between good and evil, demon and priest, wizard and ghost! Every good supernatural Kung Fu flick ends with a wicked special effects-laden wizard battle, and you’re gonna see the best of the bunch. Witness wizened martial arts Merlins (who can put you in a half-nelson with just their manly three-foot eyebrows) take on black magic sorcerors who use Xtreme incense burning and stone-cold Sanskrit prayers to conjure chakra-shocking creatures and hurl dharma dropkicks. And, blessed Buddha, then we’re gonna watch one of the Wizard Battle movies to end all Wizard Battle movies — the hexadelical, unstoppable incredible piece of eye terrorism known as 1983’s Devil Fetus. Guaranteed mug melter or your money back.
Devil Fetus Dir. Hung Chuen Lau, 1983, 35mm, 84 min.

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