Cinefamily Public Access Mixtape

The people have spoken — and what they’re saying is weird! Once upon a time, before YouTube, remote control renegades itching to scratch the underbelly of the idiot box needed to look no further than their local listings for those two hallowed words — “public access” — to know that their cable bill dollars were hard at work. Join us for one of our signature Cinefamily mixes, featuring the titans of the community-based tube: expect potty-mouthed psychics, lip-synching divas, confessional call-in chaos, psychedelic pranksters, greenscreen fallout, and, of course, clinically insane people with their pets — all getting down and doing their thing in our living room. Scrambling cable boxes and brains alike, these extraordinary ordinary people made legendary non-commercial television in the untamed wilderness of the airwaves. Who said the FCC never did you any favors?

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!