Moebius (8/2)

Through his meticulously crafted, boundary-pushing body of work and a tireless drive to innovate within his own hermetic universe, Kim Ki-Duk’s risen to become one of the world cinema’s great agent provocateurs in the lofty company of Lars Von Trier, Sion Sono and Gaspar Noe. Moebius might just be his most furthest-reaching effort to date: with nary a single line of dialogue or hardly any refrains of music, its seismic Greek tragedy is conveyed through mad spectacle, dark sexuality, the blackest of humor and an unending fountain of unpredictability. A cheating father — the passive son — the enraged, literally castrating mother and the local convenience store owner (the same actress, in totally night-and-day performances) all collide in a crazed love quadrangle that rivals Takashi Miike’s infamous Visitor Q for sheer force. Moebius will divide audiences fer shure, but sometimes we like that best, for you’re guaranteed to have a strong, engaging opinion. This “controversial auteur has achieved something that is nothing short of remarkable: a balance between the themes he wishes to underscore, his extreme tendencies, his own dark side and the mechanics of effective storytelling.” (Twitch Film)
Dir. Kim Ki-Duk, 2013, DCP, 89 min.

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