MEMBERS-ONLY: Sticks and Bones (star Cliff DeYoung in person!)

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“Seen today, it is incredible if not insane to imagine that this aggressively offbeat anti-war parable would have ever been shown on, much less made for television, especially at a time when there were only a handful of networks.” — Anthology Film Archives

Cliff DeYoung in person! One of Robert Downey, Sr.’s most controversial works, Sticks and Bones is Downey’s only movie made for television — and aired only once in 1973, before being unfairly banished to the CBS vaults, and seen by only a chosen few in the forty years since. This emotionally impactful adaptation of the Vietnam-era stage play by David Rabe (“Streamers”, “Hurlyburly”), produced for TV by Public Theater founder Joseph Papp, concerns a young soldier blinded and sent home to parents not even remotely equipped to handle his embittered outlook on the rest of his life. Basically, it was so powerful, and came at such a crucial time in our nation’s battered history that it freaked out pretty much everyone who came across it during its lone original late-night Sunday airing without commercials. A remarkable piece of broadcast history, and a seminal missing link in Downey’s audacious filmography.
Dir. Robert Downey Sr., 1973, analog presentation, 105 min.