NOTE: This event is a Cinefamily members-only potluck — but members are welcome to bring as many of their friends/family as they would like. As well, it is indeed a potluck dinner; things like bags of chips and drinks are not encouraged — please bring a dish. Impress us! And, if this sounds like the kind of event you want to have more of in your life — then consider getting a Cinefamily membership.

Ah, love! It hath power to bolster, break, or bewilder! It may flit or it may stick, but thanks to the power of film it can last forever — in all its ecstacy and anguish! Tonight we invite you to join us for a visual Valentine’s smorgasbord, replete with our three favorite F’s: Food, Flicks, and Friends (we’re saving our other favorite F for the following night). After the potluck patio dinner, we have a mix of love-laden shorts, music videos and experiments for your hanging and viewing pleasure — and then, our luvvapalooza culminates with The Love Tapes, conceived/collected by acclaimed video artist Wendy Clarke (daughter of filmmaker Shirley Clarke.) For thirty years, Clarke accumulated over 800 short videotapes in which people share their personal experiences with, beliefs about, and definitions of, love. From sentimental to scathing, from hopeful to heartbreaking, these candid musings on amour run the gamut of the human experience and offer incisive glimpses into the peculiar mechanics of the heart. Back in ‘08, Cinefamily inaugurated our very first Valentine’s with a special Love Tapes show — and now, Ms. Clarke has lovingly assembled a new collection of Tapes expressly for Cinefamily’s Valentine’s 2012, including several exclusive new and unseen recordings!

And, what’s more, we’re inviting you to share the love with your very own Love Tapes. That’s right, this night is participatory. We will be hosting a kiosk in the days leading up to the screening to record new Tapes (each roughly three minutes long, with background music of your choosing, saying whatever you want on the subject), so that you can be included!

Watch Cinefamily’s trailer for “The Love Tapes”!