MEMBERS-ONLY POTLUCK: Twinsanity (feat. Poto And Cabengo!)

NOTE: This event is a Cinefamily members-only potluck — but members are welcome to bring as many of their friends/family as they would like. As well, it is indeed a potluck dinner; things like bags of chips and drinks are not encouraged — please bring a dish. Impress us! And, if this sounds like the kind of event you want to have more of in your life — then consider getting a Cinefamily membership.

With the big splash that Black Swan made in our cultural consciousness, Cinefamily has decided to take a look at a classic cinematic trope: the stories of doubles, doppelgangers and twins — Siamese, evil and otherwise. After another wonderful backyard patio potluck, we’ll start the night’s screenings with a mondo mix featuring great moments of twinsanity: musical numbers from Chained For Life mingling with trailers for flicks like Sisters, Goodbye Gemini and the like. Then, onto our feature presentation: an ultra-rare L.A. screening of Godard collaborator Jean-Pierre Gorin’s fascinating 1980 documentary Poto And Cabengo, which tells the story of two young San Diego twin sisters — entirely sheltered from the outside world — who created their own private language unique to the pair of them. Gorin’s highly entertaining investigation remains a delightful and absorbing study of words and faces, mass media and personal isolation, and America’s odd margins.
Poto & Cabengo Dir. Jean-Pierre Gorin, 1980, HDCAM, 73 min.

Watch an excerpt from “Poto and Cabengo”!
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