MEMBERS-ONLY POTLUCK: Labor Day Movie Party & BBQ (feat. rare 35mm treats!)

Across the months, Cinefamily has built up a small arsenal of of rare, strange and rad film prints in its collection that even we ourselves haven’t had the time to peep. Spend a leisurely holiday afternoon with us as we grill on the back patio, sample everyone’s delectable potluck creations, and take in a handful of curious filmic wonders. It’s a lazy Sunday vibe — but on a Monday!

NOTE: This event is open only to current Cinefamily members +1. As well, we’ll have some classic foodstuffs on hand for grilling — but IT’S A POTLUCK — so bring some grillables, or whip up a casserole, finger foods, salads or other fun stuff. Things like bags of chips and drinks are not encouraged; please bring a dish. Impress us!

If you’re not a Cinefamily member, and this is the kind of event that you want more of in your life, the now’s the perfect time to get a membership!