MEMBERS-ONLY: Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?: An Animated Conversation with Noam Chomsky (Michel Gondry in person!)

After several years of work accomplished in-between his many other projects, Michel Gondry’s animated documentary based around his recorded conversations with legendary linguist/philosopher/activist Noam Chomsky is finally completed. Join Michel as he comes to the Cinefamily in person for a sneak preview of the film!

Michel says: “I’ve been interviewing Noam many times and I took all the sound, because I barely shot him — I shot him a few occasions but mostly it’s sound. I’m doing it in animation so I have my animation camera, it’s a Bolex 16mm. And I’m doing all the drawings. It’s something I do every night when I go home. It’s very exciting to be very complex because we talk about linguistics — and it’s captivating, because he has this very personal and convincing views on how language was created as a genetic mutation more than a slow, evolutionary process. And I’m illustrating that. My conversations with Professor Chomsky were lively, sometime complex, always very human. Through my illustrations, we follow the winding path of my halting and incomplete understanding. Noam is often patient, sometime less so. The trail always follows unexpected bends. The process and logic of Noam’s stream of ideas have determined the transitions and evolution of my drawings. The concept of ‘animated documentary’ finds a perfect justification here.”
Dir. Michel Gondry, 2013, digital presentation.

NOTE: Free admission to this first-come, first-served show is for current Cinefamily members only +1. To help us track attendance, you must pre-register. Your registration does not guarantee you a seat. Early arrival is highly recommended.