FREE SNEAK PREVIEW: Land Ho! (co-director Aaron Katz in person!)

Last year’s revelation This Is Martin Bonner, one of our faves from Sundance 2013, taught us about Paul Eenhoorn — who, in middle age, delivered a breakthrough performance full of such mournful optimism that we were eagerly waiting to see what his next roles might bring. That next thing is finally here: Land Ho!, a bawdy road-trip comedy as well as a candid exploration of aging, loneliness, and friendship that features another breakthrough role, one from his fiery onscreen compatriot Earl Lynn Nelson. Ex-brothers-in-law Colin and Mitch take off all the way to Iceland for a vacation, in an effort to stave off the blues — forced retirement and primal doubts are just a few of their worries, but these two old pals find solace in the simple ease of each other’s company. Watching these two charismatic and colorful characters skip from lighthouses to lighting spliffs, anyone who’s ever had reservations about traveling with septuagenarians will now think twice, for Land Ho! touches the heart, tickles the gut and gives us two lasting, adventurous performances to remember for years to come.
Dirs. Aaron Katz & Martha Stephens, 2014, DCP, 95 min.

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