MEMBERS-ONLY EVENT: Super-Secret Vintage Musical "Long-Lost 35mm" show!

NOTE: First-come, first-served admission to this event is only for current Cinefamily members +1

After the grand fun of Everything Is Festival’s super-secret archival 35mm horror film show — one which featured a newly-discovered vintage print that shocked the flock and wowed the crowd — it’s time to bring a little bit o’ that enigmatic celluloid magic to September. Since we’re showing the brand-new 35mm of Busby Berkeley’s riotously fun musical The Gang’s All Here, we figured it’s time to also bring you a certain musical in particular we’ve been dying to show since we opened our Cinefamily doors five years ago. The chance to screen an archival print of this über-zany madhouse of mirth and melody very recently fell into our lap, and we’re grabbing it by the neck and taking it. We can’t tell you what the title of the film is, but rest completely assured: it’s a real barnburner, a lugubrious lunatic lulu — in a word, it’s nuts. Come join us as we revel in one of the funnest of rare studio musicals from the Golden Age of such stuff — CAN YOU HANDLE THE EXCITEMENT?!?!