MEMBERS-ONLY EVENT: Jeff, Who Lives At Home (free screening!)

NOTE: Only current Cinefamily members are eligible +1 (as well as any present audience member for the evening’s previous Doug Benson Movie Interruption, no +1s) to attend this first-come, first-serve show. If this sounds like the kind of event you want to have more of in your life — then consider getting a Cinefamily membership!

After the cast and directors of Jeff, Who Lives At Home are guests at the Doug Benson Movie Interruption of Signs at 7:30PM — it’s time for a free screening of Jeff, Who Lives At Home itself, starring Jason Segal, Ed Helms and Susan Sarandon! On his way to the store to buy wood glue, Jeff looks for signs from the universe to determine his path. However, a series of comedic and unexpected events leads him to cross paths with his family in the strangest of locations and circumstances. Jeff just may find the meaning of his life — and if he’s lucky, pick up the wood glue as well.
Dirs. Jay and Mark Duplass, 2012, 35mm, 83 min.

Watch the trailer for “Jeff, Who Lives At Home”!
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